Saragarhi: A British Tribute

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Tomorrow is 12th September, Saragarhi Day.

It is the date on which 21 Sikh soldiers fought bravely and fiercely to defend a small communications output on the frontier against the onslaught of at least 10,000 Pathan tribesmen.

The battle is one which I been immersed in for several years, having researched it and written about it in “Saragarhi: The Forgotten Battle”.

That book was launched in the Indian Army Memorial Room of Old College, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in 2013.

So it is with tremendous pride that we are once again back in that most prestigious of venues to mark Saragarhi on the battle honour day itself.

I’ll have the pleasure of hosting the commemoration of this most important battle, and narrating to a British and Sikh audience the reasons why it is still relevant for us today.

We’ll be joined by Lords, Ladies and honoured guests, plus a large contingent of young schoolchildren from Khalsa Primary school in Slough.  

The commemoration will include a minutes silence and a poem written by a British officer I unearthed during my research.  This poem has been brought to life by the actor Pavandeep Singh Sandhu – please watch, share and be inspired by the bravery and courage shown by a group of men who fought against the odds until the last man.  

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