Sikh Regimental Badges required!

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We’ve begun work on our next series of short films about Sikhs during the Great.

As we sift through our archives and research to tell the story of the contribution of the Sikhs – we’d like your help in researching the regiments and stories of those who fought.

Do you have an ancestor who was in the Great War?

Have you got photos, medals or stories of their service?

We’d like to hear from you!

Currently we’re putting together research about Sikhs who fought – including a film about the medals they won and a compilation of regimental badges of all the Sikh units that fought across all 7 arena’s of the Great War.

If you have any regimental badges (such as the one above, showing the Sikh Pioneers) please do get in touch with us.

You can email us via this email address.

* For any we do use there’ll be a small fee paid upon delivery of high quality images.

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