Where Sikhs Went 1914-18

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As we expand our work on telling the story of Sikhs who fought during the Great War – we recognise there are two crucial parts of the history we we need to tell in order to create greater understanding of their deeds.

Where Sikhs served and fought during the conflict and how many there were.

Understanding this is important, in our view, to appreciating the sacrifices Sikhs soldiers made during the conflict.  They were leaving their homes and villages to travel very far overseas, many didn’t think they’d return.

To address the first point, we’ve produced this new short introductory film which will help facilitate greater understanding of the Great War conflict and of the importance of the staunch Sikhs during it.

It concisely shows where Sikhs went as part of the Indian Expeditionary Forces (there were 7 in total).

You can watch it below:

And please do post your thoughts in comments – so we can gauge your opinions of our research and work in bringing this history to mass audiences.

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