While We’ve been Away…

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So it’s 6 months since I last blogged, but lot’s has happened since then.

For one, we’ve launched an Arts Council Exhibition based on my “TURBANOLOGY” documentary from 2009. This exciting touring project has had lots of media and is wooing crowds with colourful Turban-art. You can find out more via:

FACEBOOK – www.facebook.com/turbanology.sikhs.unwrapped.exhibition
WEB – www.turbanology.info
TWITTER – TurbanologyTour

Secondly, the “S@W” project is continuing and I’ve been putting lots of research into a series of titles that’ll be self-published in the forthcoming few months.

While lots of work has been done by Anglo-Sikh related groups, there is still a general lack of good research productions. So our research into Sikhs/Indians during WW1 and 2 will be released – it’ll hopefully help those who want to delve into the subject matter as well as serious academics and historians.

We begin with a research book about HMS SIKH (1939-42) … more details soon…

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