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  1. Book on HMS Sikh 1939-42

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    Curiosity leads you to uncover amazing things in life.

    That’s the way it’s always been for me – perhaps a fitting quality for a journalist.

    It was curiosity that led me to enquire about a Royal Navy ship called HMS Sikh that served during the 2nd World War.

    That made me take time out from busy work days to travel to the British Library and National Archives to dig into it’s history.

    The result of a year’s research, writing and reading is a new booklet I’m printing later this year.

    HMS Sikh 1939-42 is a short research paper about the Destroyer and will be available for a modest fee on

    While the work I’ve put into this has been somewhat removed from my main research interests of the Great War period; I’ve learnt lots of new skills from the process.

    My curiosity certainly got the better of me!

    I’ll put a direct link to the sale page here when it’s ready.