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  1. Saragarhi Day

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    Our work and attention now turns to the forthcoming book “Saragarhi: The Forgotten Battle” which we will be releasing shortly.

    Today marks Saragarhi Day, the battle honour and commemorative day awarded to 21 Sikhs for their bravery and valour in fighting for six straight hours against 10,000 tribesmen on the NW frontier.

    The gallant last stand is one which has received a lot of attention in recent years – and one which through my authoritative research and analysis I have written about.

    It’ll be available via Amazon and on Kindle soon – for now do enjoy this short promo for the book.

    #Last Stand

  2. How to watch the “Sikhs At War” series

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    An interesting question was asked, of what order one should watch our productions in order to fully appreciate the story of “Sikhs At War”.

    While there are some gaps in our productions – with films we need to bring you to give better understanding of the Sikh contribution; here is the current order you should watch them in (so far):

    Where Sikhs Went 1914-18

    Sikhs At Sandhurst

    Inside the Royal Memorial Chapel, Sandhurst

    Sikhs At War: Jaspal’s Story
    Official Launch by HM Attorney General