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We’ve been in post-production on “Sikhs At Sandhurst” for several months – the short film should have been done last year but we’ve been working on the sound and graphics.

Filmmaking is difficult enough, but more so when you work on a minimal (or non-existant) budget.  I’ve spoken to several people in the past few months about why factual films on Indian history don’t get made – it must be because of the reluctance of investment into this area from within the community.

We’ve always had difficulties with raising funds for the “Sikhs At War” project, but thankfully we’ve had volunteers undertake the work because they’re passionate about it.

Hopefully this means we’ll have the new film done by this Vaisakhi (April).

And then I’m exploring looking at a few other areas – if you have access to Sikh war medals from the Great War please get in touch via email.

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