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What inspires Sikhs to join the British Army?

It’s a question I’m currently asking a lot of officers and soldiers in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces, for our new short film series.
Is it awareness of the Sikh contribution during the Worlds Wars and history with the British?  Or a desire to serve one’s country and excel in the military?
If you’re Sikh – either thinking of joining or are joining – I’d like your thoughts … please comment to this post…

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  1. Manjit Dhanjal

    That is a very interesting question, I thought about joining many times when I was younger, but at that time the internet didn’t exist and I was only aware of Sikhs in the British Army from the stories I had read or been told about WWII, plus I had been in the army cadets whilst at school – and at times it wasn’t the nicest of places to be, but I definitely learnt a lot! I have a lot of respect for those of you that have joined or will join

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