National Sikh War Memorial

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Today we had the pleasure of attending the launch of the National Sikh War Trust’s campaign to create a monument in central London.

The event, held in Parliament, was organised by Labour’s Tan Dhesi and attracting cross-party support, including Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government Sajid Javid – who mentioned the WW1 Sikh Memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum.

Having led a succesful campaign 2014 to create the UK’s first national, we wish the organisers of a London monument well and hope they find a suitable place in our capital.

For more information about the national WW1 Sikh Memorial visit here or click on the below links.

The “WW1 Sikh Memorial” Project:
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Sculpting and Casting the WW1 Sikh Memorial
Video: Creating the WW1 Sikh Memorial
Publication: The Sikh Chronicles
Video: Memorial Event Speeches

Press Releases:
Press Release: 1st British Sikh WW1 Memorial To Be Unveiled  At National Memorial Arboretum
Press Release: Nations First WW1 Sikh Memorial Unveiled  At Memorial Arboretum

For press inquiries please contact us directlly via @SikhsAtWar or email dothyphen1 AT gmail DOT com

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