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  1. Khalsa Primary School at RMA Sandhurst

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    On Friday 12th September we commemorated Saragarhi Day at Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst.


    A delegation of school children attended from Khalsa Primary School in Slough – below are some of their comments.

    I liked the visit because I came to know about the contribution of Sikhs in the World War 1. (Riya)

    It was a pleasant experience as I got to know about the Saraghari event. (Sian)

    I like the visit because I got to know the stories about the War in which Sikhs fought bravely. (Harmeet)

    I liked the visit to Sandhurst as it enlightened me with the warfare and the aspects of war. (Annpreet)

    I personally like the trip to Sandhurst as it facilitated me with an opportunity to explore about the War. (Arjun)

    The ammunition and weapons of war were on display which showed how scary the war could have been for the soldiers. (Gurmant)

    The visit enhanced my understanding about the lifestyle of the participating soldiers who made the history. (Sanskar)

    I was really impressed with the Sikh soldiers who fought in the war bravely to defend us and our country. (Jasmine)

    The trip was packed up with knowledge offering us the insight into the daily lives of soldiers: marching, planning and saluting us on the day. (Jasneet)

    The trip to Sandhurst was overall very constructive in that we learnt about how the Sikh army celebrate the success and train the future soldiers who get ready to defend our boundaries around the globe. (Ruben)

    Teachers’ comments: It was an amazing experience and every child learnt a lot from it. Children had a fantastic opportunity to see Sikh Soldiers marching in a parade, in their full army gear and with their complete weaponry. It was a pleasure seeing the excitement and quest for knowledge shown by all the children.