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  1. Response to abuse

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    We’re getting some quite nasty emails and messages on our websites and Youtube pages, about Sikhs, the turban and Guardsman Bhullar.

    Apart from the shockingly bad grammar, and overuse of profanity there does, nonetheless, seem to be a whiff of a semi-valid point which hints to a lack of understanding Sikh turban identity.

    So I thought I’d share with you my new book – a resource – to aid everyone’s reading of the Sikh faith.  Please click image below.

    Knowledge is a weapon but it’s best use is as a powerful tool, please read up – and perhaps future messages on our pages might contain succinct arguments if not proper English!

  2. HMS Sikh E-book on Amazon

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    Two months after it’s release, we’ve had a fantastic response so far to the e-book version of HMS Sikh – which is available (below) on Kindle via the Amazon store.
    Click for link here
    The book was originally a research paper I wrote as I explored making a short film for the Sikhs@War project. But the footage never quiet lived up to do the project justice, and so I released my written research first as a short book.
    But knowledge should be available for all to access – and it was a defining moment for the Sikhs@War project to release this as an ebook, demand has been high and so too has the thirst for quality research.
    Our sales stats have been very healthy indeed, but rather than being about making profit what we’ve learnt is that this is a new generation of history enthusiasts who want to learn more about the Sikh contribution to the World Wars.
    While the HMS Sikh did not have any serving Sikh personnel on board, it was certainly named and launched with the martial race in mind.
    With this in mind, we’re pursuing our research interests through the Sikhs@War project and will have more ebooks in store soon!
  3. Book on HMS Sikh 1939-42

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    Curiosity leads you to uncover amazing things in life.

    That’s the way it’s always been for me – perhaps a fitting quality for a journalist.

    It was curiosity that led me to enquire about a Royal Navy ship called HMS Sikh that served during the 2nd World War.

    That made me take time out from busy work days to travel to the British Library and National Archives to dig into it’s history.

    The result of a year’s research, writing and reading is a new booklet I’m printing later this year.

    HMS Sikh 1939-42 is a short research paper about the Destroyer and will be available for a modest fee on

    While the work I’ve put into this has been somewhat removed from my main research interests of the Great War period; I’ve learnt lots of new skills from the process.

    My curiosity certainly got the better of me!

    I’ll put a direct link to the sale page here when it’s ready.