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The team at Dot Hyphen Productions has spent the past few months working on bringing the “Turbanology” exhibition to central London in April – now that is over I’m pleased we can move forward with a series of exciting films.

Not to give much away, we’ve been tasked with looking at the role of Sikhs in the British Army – past and present.  Over the next few months I’ll blog about what we’re researching and finding.

We started the project, in fact, back in March by filming with a young Sikh from Slough who’s joining the Army – and the Parachute Regiment!  Sounds very interesting, but more so when you hear that he is a Sikh with a full beard and wears a Turban!  So how will he cope when the job spec for the Reg is for him to jump out of planes?

We’ll let you know soon…

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