Sikh Order of Battle

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One of the key elements of “Sikhs At War” research has been to understand how the Sikh regiments were organised during the Great War.

This is important for a number of reasons.

Firstly, because it acknowledges the number of Sikhs that served.  Not just in the double-company and squadron system each regiment had – but also the overall number that were deployed.

Up to 126,000 Sikhs served from 1914 – 1918 in all 7 major arena’s of the war.

Secondly, it enables us to see where the regiments were deployed by virtue of the Brigades and Divisions that were sent.

Sikhs didn’t just go to France, but many many more went to Mesopotamia – as well as East Africa, Gallipoli, Palestine, Suez and the North West Frontier to defend India.

I’m pleased therefore that with our recent Kickstarter funding campaign we’ve been able to put into a short film format our research into the Order of Battle of Sikh Units in 1914.

We’ll be releasing the full video shortly – but here’s a teaser.

Many thanks to our designer Richard Stott for his valiant efforts creating this video map.

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