We’ve reached our Kickstarter goal!

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Thanks to you – we’ve now reached our goal to create more online short films about Sikhs during the Great War!

The team here at Dot Hyphen Productions really appreciate your kindness and generosity in making this happen. It’s humbling that you’ve believed in our aims and share our passion for telling this story.

We didn’t ask for much – because our research about Sikh history is our passion. But what we’ve raised will go towards video graphics, artwork and design that will engage people in the story of the Sikhs.

We will also release ALL our films on DVD for the first time – and ensure it is kept as a resource in schools and libraries.

So what next?

We will now begin the process of making these shorts – they will be hosted on our website www.sikhsatwar.info as a free online resource for people to watch worldwide.

We will update you about these films via our social networks – on our Facebook and our dedicated @SikhsAtWar twitter feed.

There is still some time to donate – so please do tell your friends. Anything above our goal will help create other films we did not originally plan.

 Thanks so much again – and we look forward to sharing our work with you over the next few months.

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